We Often Forget About Mobility Until We Risk Losing It

It’s easy to take our mobility for granted. Part of this is simple due to the fact that we literally don’t need to think about our mobility in order to make use of it. Most people will probably disagree with that idea at first. But people can see the truth of it by just thinking about how they got to wherever it is they’re sitting right now. Really consider how much thought went into walking to get into the chair. Did you really think about moving one foot in front of the other? Did you mentally judge the balance of your other leg as you moved your knee in opposition to it? Or did you simply think that you wanted to sit down and walked over to the chair without really considering the individual movements?

There is a certain irony to that fact. Because there are some people who do tend to give their mobility a little extra thought. These are the people who push their bodies to the limit. A dancer needs to consider every tiny movement she makes in order to perfect her craft. And while this is less true of joggers, they still need to give a lot of thought to their movement during a run. A simple trail run is often full of moments where they need to jump over roots, onto logs or balance in unusual ways. The examples can go on and on. But there’s another common element other than their willingness to consider how they relate to movement. They all put a lot of extra strain on their legs and feet. And the ankle is particularly susceptible to damage.

One of the most unfortunate part of this is that the people who are most appreciative of their mobility are often the most at risk of losing it. And the same goes for areas where there’s a lot of ways to appreciate a nice balance between motion and rest. Consider a runner in Portland for the perfect example. She has a choice of nature trails to run on. And in fact, the total distance of the largest trail is over thirty miles of perfect running ground surrounded by natural beauty. But all it takes to steal that from her is a single mistake tripping on an exposed root.

At the same time there are possible ways around the problem. Our runner might find something like total ankle replacement portland or in their area. This wouldn’t be an easy process. The healing from it wouldn’t even really begin until about six weeks after the surgery.

But it’s important to remember that this and other methods of recovery are available. It’s true that the people most at risk for losing mobility appreciate it the most. But at the same time, they’re often lucky enough to live in areas with the best resources for helping them heal. It doesn’t mean that the healing will be easy or that they shouldn’t try to avoid accidents. But it does mean that they shouldn’t give up hope.